The unending search for excellence in everything he does and does well is the driving force that propelled Dr. Rodolfo P. Cabangbang, the founding President, to organize CELESTIAL SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE, INC. He had a vision of a truly professional, reliable, and dedicated, surveillance, investigation, and security agency. Thus, in June 27, 2002, CELESTIAL SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE, INC. was incorporated.
The founding President put together only men and women that could match the rigid requirements of excellence.  The incumbent President, Director for Finance, Director for Operations, Director for Administration, Operations Manager, Consultants, Supervisors and Guards were chosen from the best of the crops of men and women who signified interest in joining CELESTIAL SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE, INC.
Today, just like the saga of a visionary, CELESTIAL SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE, INC. is committed to protect the lives, properties and valuables of its clients and consistent with its objective of professionalization, provides continuing recruitment, training and retraining programs for its personnel. CELESTIAL SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE, INC. will continue to strive to attain the level of excellence our founding President has set its target. The path to excellence maybe long and tedious, oftentimes trying, but our commitment and perseverance will get us there.


Social Responsibility, Passion for Excellence, Innovation, Client – Focus, Expertise and Team Work


“Celestial recognizes that in these days of rising costs and risks, doing business, commerce and industry, demands high quality and professional security services.  Celestial is ready to provide the responsible leadership and creativity for its personnel to successfully protect its client.”


“The path to excellence may be long and tedious, oftentimes trying, but our commitment and perseverance will get us there.”                                                           

-Dr. Rodolfo P. Cabangbang

Founding President, Celestial Security & Surveillance, Inc.